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How a Teenager Turned Doodles into a Million-Dollar Business

At age 16, Juliette Brindak started a popular tween website. Then she learned the hard way that there are ups and downs not just to growing up but also to ...

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Sticker Girl, a fun new book for tween girls

Sticker Girl, Martina Rivera has a remarkable imagination. But with two extroverted brothers at home, she’s always struggled to make a big impression on those around her. Soon Martina discovers ...

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16 Most Hyped Books to Read For Kids

Books to read for kids

16 Books to Read That Tweens Recommend To Friends Word of mouth rules when kids age 7 to 12 pick a book to read. See what titles kids are hyping ...

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Protecting Girls From Negative Media Influences


As reported by both MSNBC and The New York Daily News, Susanna Barrett — whose daughter appeared on Toddlers & Tiaras — is denouncing TMZ and other news outlets for ...

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Are you Helicopter Parents with your kids?

become a better parent,mom and daughter hugging

Helicopter parent is an excellent description for an over protective parent. If a real helicopter constantly hovers above you, you will get uncomfortable. So will a child with a parent that hovers the entire time. The best gift you can give to a child is self confidence. A confident child will be an independent child.

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Win prizes on Miss O and Friends

safe sites for girls online

Win Prizes every day Did you know that the WinItz sweepstakes offers contests to win prizes for your daughter year-round? When your daughter plays games, submits articles, answers question or ...

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20 Charitable Foundations We Love

funds to contribute, charities

20 Charitable Foundations We Love Here are some of our favorite foundations & charities (in no specific order). If you had $200, which would you donate too? Any that aren’t ...

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TED Talk speaker, Juliette Brindak, middle school is tough

Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak – TED Talk speaker Juliette Brindak, 25, is a co-founder and partner of Miss O and Friends, a lifestyle socialization brand for tween girls, primarily ages 8-14. At ...

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